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Master of Arts in Technical and Scientific Communication

What I Do


I consult with faculty and staff to determine what technology would work best for their digital projects. I help clients set up WordPress sites, and find digital and open source tools to integrate into WordPress.


I design user experiences using WordPress, HTML and CSS. I work with faculty and staff to customize their websites to fit their classrooms and professional development.


I support faculty, staff and students in using technology, such as WordPress, in their classrooms. I help support and maintain 250+ WordPress sites at our university.

Websites Created
Support Questions Answered

My Experience

I currently work as an Information Technology Specialist for the Center for Instructional Technology at James Madison University. I am a key member in a research and development team in CIT dedicated to exploring and adapting new technologies for faculty to use in their classrooms and research. I work alongside faculty to create, support and maintain their WordPress websites. I help faculty and staff set up the site architecture; customize the design with CSS; research themes and plugins; create documentation for their students; present to their classes; and support my clients and their students throughout the semester with any questions or technical issues that arise.


I am passionate about what I do. I love introducing my clients to WordPress and helping them create innovative and accessible websites that showcases their students work as well as their own research interests. I am involved in every step of the process in creating a WordPress website for faculty.  The process involves a consultation with a faculty member, site architecture for their pedagogical design, customization of their website, technical support and user documentation.

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