Disability Rhetoric

About This Project

Disability Dish is a WordPress website that was created by Dr. Susan Ghiaciuc’s “Disability Rhetoric” class. Her students were writing articles on topics concerning disability and accessibility that would be published onto their class site. I was asked by Dr. Ghiaciuc to present to her students on how they could make their texts accessible in WordPress. In my presentation, I discussed ways her students could adapt their articles by adding transcripts for audio; using alt text and descriptions with images; and adding captions to YouTube videos. I also discussed the purpose behind including this information and how it benefits individuals who use these accommodations.


In an effort to help make the site more accessible, I also implemented the WordPress accessibility plugin. This plugin helps make the site content more accessible by providing users with a toolbar to toggle between high contrast, large print and desaturated views for their website.


Spring 2014


Classroom Workshop

Consultancy, Support