Explore the Possibilites

About This Project

Explore the Possibilities was the 2014 theme for the Center for Instructional Technology’s (CIT) annual Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) Conference. This was my second year of being in charge of designing and managing the TLT conference website.


In the year leading up to the 2014 TLT conference, CIT established an online presence for the department on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For the Explore the Possibilities TLT conference, I was asked to create a site similar to the Blended Futures website that included more integration with social media and supported the Event Espresso plugin for registration. This was the first time CIT was using the registration plugin, so I spent time learning, testing and setting up the plugin for our site. Prior to going live with the registration I conducted usability testing to ensure this plugin would function properly for our users. This plugin would also be used to check-in our conference participants; therefore, I created user documentation and instructed student workers on the check-in procedure.


In an effort to increase the engagement of our audience, I integrated a Facebook event and live Twitter feed on our landing page. I was also informed the student workers would be blogging during the conference; therefore, I setup a live blogging page where the student workers could publish summaries on the sessions they attended. We hoped this would help to increase the engagement and information dissemination for conference participants that were unable to attend a presentation.


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October 2014


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