About This Project

The JMU Drones Challenge was a team taught, experimental class that was comprised of 2 entrepreneurs and 4 faculty across 7 disciplines at James Madison University (JMU). The students in this class were asked to develop a project that would answer one question, “How can drone technology be used to respond to global problems?”


My role in this project was to help the class setup a WordPress website where the students can post updates to the projects. This website also served as a marketing tool for the end of the semester showcase the students organized to share their research projects with the community.


Over the course of this project, I was responsible for designing, managing and updating the website for the class. I also made frequent visits to the class to consult with the faculty and students involved with this unique class.


  • Landing Page
  • About Page
  • Faculty Profiles
  • Team Page Example


Fall 2015


Site Customization

Consultancy, Design, Support