JMU in Ireland

About This Project

The JMU in Ireland website was created for a study abroad class during the Summer of 2015. This class was working on an oral history project for a local nonprofit organization in Ireland. The primary purpose of the website was to record the class’s journey and experiences during their time abroad.


My involvement in this project included consulting with my clients, researching storytelling tools, designing the website, and supporting the class while abroad in Ireland. Prior to the class leaving for Ireland, I consulted with the professors to gain an understanding of the type of projects the students would be completing.  I researched WordPress themes and various open source storytelling tools the class could use when working with the nonprofit abroad. During this consultation, I also helped train the professors on how to navigate the back-end of the website as well as how to use the storytelling tools I discovered.


During the six weeks the students were abroad, I was available here in the United States to help solve any technical difficulties they would face. Once the class returned from their trip and finished uploading their content to the WordPress site, I was able to finish the design of the site to help better tell the story of the class abroad.


Summer 2015


Client Support
Storytelling tools
Web Design

Consultancy, Design, Support