Walking Tours Redesign

About This Project

The Walking Tours: Historical Harrisonburg website was created by Dr. Evan Friss, Assistant Professor of History, in the fall of 2013.  The Walking Tours website is a repository of research students conduct every year on local landmarks. The students create posts with text, images and audio that is converted to an iTunes podcast episode.


When I was first introduced to this site in the fall of 2014, one of the first things I noticed about this site is the non-responsive theme. I was asked to help redesign the site by finding a new responsive and map-centered theme. In my research I found a theme that was unique and innovative. After purchasing the theme, I was in charge of applying the theme to the site and reformatting the existing content to work with the features of the new theme. The migration of the site to this new theme introduced a few new steps to creating a new WordPress post. To help the students in the publishing process, I created user documentation that walked students through the process of adding their landmark to the map; adding images and text; and creating an audio podcast.


  • Walking Tours Original
  • Walking Tours Redesign
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Spring 2014


Client Support
Theme Research
User Documentation

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