Below are some testimonials from my clients describing their experience in working with me. I feel honored to have worked with such wonderful clients over the years.

Christine Donovan is absolutely extraordinary in every facet of her work. She is incredibly accessible, always interested in new ideas, and willing to go the extra mile. When I came to her for advice on a class blog, I only had conceptual framework - she took my ideas and transformed the way we teach our Career and Life Planning class.

Perhaps one of my favorite parts of working with Christine is her follow up. Many times throughout the semester, I would get emails from her checking in on the progress of the class. She would even visit my site from time to time and make recommendations on how to help. She was always willing to help, or to teach me how to do it myself.

I can't thank Christine enough for the amazing work that she has done. She has gone above and beyond and for that, I am so thankful!

Kristin Sowden
JMU Career and Academic Planning

I work with Christine on a regular basis, and I can't imagine being able to do the projects I do without her skills, support, and experience. She has a rare and wonderful skill set: great technical expertise; a discerning eye for design; a quick and imaginative intellect; and incredible organization skills. She turns around requests faster than anyone I've ever worked with. I wouldn't consider starting a new project without consulting with her first.

Seán McCarthy
Assistant Professor, School of Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication

Christine Donovan's presence and contributions to my first year writing, upper level undergraduate, and graduate courses were essential.

Christine is an incredible resource for virtually everyone she knows. With her technical expertise and thoughtful advice, all of my first year writing students were able to successfully navigate an online magazine project that Christine helped them publish on WordPress. Anytime students faced a technical difficulty, Christine was able to help them trouble-shoot the issue and offer an understandable explanation of what had gone wrong. Additionally, in my special topics course, Disability Rhetoric, Christine brainstormed ideas with my class about new ways to make their texts more accessible to wider audiences. Whether learning how to use a program that allowed them to record audio of their texts, or putting a new visual palate into practice to accommodate vestibular disorders, Christine not only brought new programs to my classes, but also new conceptual frameworks for thinking through important disability issues. Patient and generous with her time, Christine serves as a role model for how to accomplish short and long term goals in the classroom.

While I largely know her through academic settings, I know Christine’s attitude and work ethic will carry over well into any professional or technical writing environment. Creative, detail oriented, and ambitious, she will undoubtedly continue to expand her technical knowledge in important and exciting new directions. Vocal and curious about the world around her, Christine is very self-motivated, friendly, and open to discussion. What has impressed me most about Christine is her enthusiastic willingness to help peers or clients locate technical answers that work best for them.

Susan Ghiaciuc
Associate Professor, School of Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication

Christine Donovan's efforts to support my teaching with technology have been absolutely invaluable. She is consistently polite and prompt with help. Often, she responds to emails within minutes.

She also answers questions thoroughly and clearly. She is definitely interested in both solving issues in the short term and helping faculty members to acquire digital literacy skills for the future.

Christine is wonderful!

Cathryn Molloy
Assistant Professor, School of Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication

I have had the opportunity to work with Christine for two years as we have honed in on our WordPress website template for one of my classes. Christine is always willing to assist and has the most amazing ideas. She is an out-of-the-box thinker and is never too busy to brainstorm or make a template change. Her work is top-notch and she is a joy to have on my team!

Tassie Pippert
JMU Hospitality and Tourism Management

Christine has helped me with my WordPress sites and with my students' WordPress sites. She always responds quickly to emails/texts, is very helpful with suggestions and explanations, and is great at troubleshooting. Couldn't do what I do without her!

Elizabeth Pass
Associate Professor, School of Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication

Christine created a WordPress site for me when I had to teach a class over the summer. Her input and creativity were invaluable to the overall success of the class. The class I taught is regularly offered here at JMU and she helped me to put a new twist on the course information/instruction via the WordPress site. The students often commented on the usability, uniqueness, and innovation of the site. She even helped me create a graphic using Photoshop! I had a favorable class experience because of Christine's help. I am very thankful that we crossed paths. Furthermore, using WordPress made grading easy, which is another bonus.

Marcus Anderson
JMU Career and Academic Planning

Christine has great intuition; she always knew what I wanted, even when I failed to articulate a coherent idea. And her turn-around time is excellent. She had answers and fixes ready for me before I even expected them. Kindness, patience, creativity--Christine is great to work with!

JMU Student

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