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I have two years of experience in consulting with faculty and staff to integrate WordPress into their classroom and research. My embeddedness within different projects and disciplines across campus has allowed me to recognize patterns in what themes, plugins, site architectures and open source tools work best for a given project.


I try my best to stay up-to-date with the latest design and technology trends so I can provide accurate support and recommendations during a consultation. I believe it is important to consider the sustainability of the framework early on when building a website. One important trend that I educate my clients on is responsive web design. A majority of the time, this is the first time my client learns about responsive design, so I help demonstrate the concept to my clients and provide them with responsive theme options.

One example of my consultancy experience is working with Dr. Susan Ghiaciuc and her “Disability Rhetoric” class. I consulted with Dr. Ghiaciuc to learn about her class assignment and determine how I can best support her class. Dr. Ghiaciuc’s students were writing articles that would be published to class WordPress site. I was asked to present to her students on ways they can make their articles more accessible online. In my presentation I provided the students with resources, recommendations and support for adapting their articles. We also discussed the importance of accessibility in design such as choosing a WordPress theme, creating the site architecture and applying alt text to images.
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Consultancy Examples

I help my clients design responsive, innovative and accessible user experiences with WordPress. I have experience in HTML and CSS as well as JavaScript and Dreamweaver. With this experience I am able to help my clients customize the design and function of their websites.


One major design project I’ve been involved in with the Center for Instructional Technology (CIT) is designing their annual Teaching and Learning with Technology conference websites. I have been in charge of the websites for the past two years–Blended Futures in 2013 and Explore the Possibilities in 2014. The Blended Futures website was my first solo projects for the department, which involved a website redesign. The development of this site provided me with the opportunity to be creative and introduce a new modern design for CIT’s conference websites.

In the years prior to Blended Futures, the conference websites were non-responsive and provided static content with limited opportunity to engage with participants. My goal for the redesign was to create an innovative, responsive and accessible conference website for our users.


For the Explore the Possibilities conference, I was able to improve the user experience for our registration process. The Blended Futures website used a Qualtrics survey for registration that directed users to an external webpage. In an effort to help keep our users engaged on our website, I integrated the Event Espresso registration plugin that embedded the registration form within our website.

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Design Examples

I work alongside my clients to help them gain the digital literacy skills for working with platforms such as WordPress. Once a client’s WordPress site is setup, I offer ongoing support throughout the semester. A majority of the support I provide is conducted through email.

Email Support


In Person Support

My clients range in digital literacy skill levels, from novices to experts with technology. This allows me to use my training in technical communication to provide detailed user documentation for different audiences.
When I receive emails concerning technical problems or questions, I do my best to resolve any issues within a half an hour. Periodically throughout the semester, I will check in with my clients and revisit their sites to make sure the sites are developing as planned. When I encounter a client who is new to WordPress, I make an effort to email them at least once a semester to make sure everything is going well. I strongly believe in providing my clients with a positive user experience, and I try my best to be prompt with email and go an extra mile for my new users.


One ongoing project that I help support is the first-year online magazines. First-year students at JMU are all required to take GWRTC 103, a critical reading and writing course, as part of the General Education curriculum at the university. Every semester a group of professors in the School of Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication have their students publish their final articles onto their class WordPress site.


The class collectively designs the site site with a logo, color scheme, and menu categories. Periodically throughout the semester I visit the classes to help them apply their customizations to the site as well as help individual students with any technical issues.

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